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UK Wide Advanced & Defensive Driving Courses


  • Want to organise an advanced driving course for their company car or van drivers, whether it be just one driver or 100+. We can arrange it all for you, quickly and with minimal hassle
  • Have a (often high mileage) driver considered low-risk, but requires a day course to help them further develop their driving, and improve their safety and skill
  • Have a number of drivers identified as high-risk, who require training (new to UK, young, previous accidents, convictions etc)
  • Currently use another advanced driver training provider, and now considering a change

We specialise in providing advanced and defensive driving courses for companies across the UK who require expert on-road training for their employees.

We cover 100% of the UK with training starting from your office. Your drivers will not need to travel to us, which is one reason we are so popular.

We provide a full or half day on-road training course, for as little as one or as many as 100+ drivers. We also provide classroom sessions and workshops on advanced driving techniques too if required (Workshops – more info)

Our current client base ranges from well know supermarkets, to government departments – including the NHS, along with many smaller businesses.

We are corporate sponsors of the UK leading road safety charity. Request a quote by completing the form on the right of the screen, or scroll down to learn even more…

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Benefits of Using Drivers Domain

  • Lowest prices in the industry with absolutely no compromise on quality
  • 100% UK coverage. Full national network of advanced driving tutors
  • We organise everything. Taking the hassle away from you.
  • Flexible training options based around your needs and requirements
  • 1:1 and 2:1 training sessions – From £155 a driver
  • Training starting from your office – We always come to you

Online Advanced Driving Course Booking

Looking to train between 1 to 4 drivers?

Book a course and select training dates online

We use Drivers Domain to help provide advanced driver training sessions throughout the year, and are very impressed with their service and training quality.

Neil Shaw – Head of training,

Drivers Domain have provided a number of advanced driving courses for our employees. Excellent training – very much benefited all that took the course.

Andy Reed – Operations Manager Partners4Health (NHS)

Aspects of our Training – Click the icons below to view the different aspects that make up our training, from a post course report example, which you have for each driver taking our training, our  Course Brochure, and one of our recent driver eduction reports we have created with the UK road safety charity, Brake. The last icon is an example training schedule, for clients what want a course from multiple sites. Organising a course for many drivers is easy with us, whether it is from one or many business locations.

Each icon opens in a new window.

Report Example
Course eBrochure

Driver Education Report

Training Schedule Example

Why Us?

We are an established, entrepreneurial business that is operating in the traditional world of advanced/defensive driver training. Our objective is to offer advanced driver training without the inflexible training options, and high prices that is sometimes associated with the more traditional training providers.


National Coverage

With over 200 tutors we cover 100% of UK. Training can start wherever you are.


Highest Quality Tutors

We hand pick only the best tutors from around the UK. This means you receive the best training possible.


Industry Leading Prices & Service

We have among the lowest prices in the UK, combined with the best customer service and training quality.


Personalised Service

Each customer has their own account manager who is their main point of contact at all times.

Online Advanced Driving Course Booking

Looking to train between 1 to 4 drivers? Book a course and select training dates online

What Happens on the Day?

The Initial Drive

After the introductions and brief car checks have been carried out, and once the driver has had time to relax, they will be asked to drive in a way which they normally do. This gives the tutor time to assess their normal driving style. Once this is complete, we will stop for a short review, and our tutor can outline what they observed.

The Main Part

The main part of the training is when most of the coaching takes place. We cover a range of areas including car control, awareness and anticipation, rules of the road, positioning, dealing with different road types and adverse weather, along with many others. Our eBrochure, which we can send you outlines this in more detail.

The Debrief

Once the training is complete a full debrief takes place. This is an essential part of the day where the delegates feedback is also essential. Once the course is complete you will be sent a course report outlining how the driver performed. The course report provides interesting notes and tips too. An example report is available for you to view by adding your details below.

Online Advanced Driving Course Booking

Looking to train between 1 to 4 drivers? Book a course and select training dates online

Advanced Driving Course Brochure Request

We understand being tasked with the job of researching advanced driver training providers can be a time consuming job.If you are looking to train 10+ drivers you may find it of benefit to request one of our course presentation folders, which can be sent to you in the post. Simply complete your details below

With this you will be sent an A4 sized folder with a course guide, and should you wish a quote based on the number of trainers you would like to train. If you are wanting to research a little more about advanced driving, then please use our website, plus our partner site
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