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Bespoke Defensive and Advanced Driving Courses

Since 2008 we have offered bespoke defensive and advanced driving courses for business and private clients around the UK. We have a team of dedicated DVSA registered driver trainers who are here to help you – regardless of your skill and experience level.

Defensive and advanced training is all about making a driver safer and more aware. When driving on the road, you need to be aware not just of what’s in front of you but also to the side and behind – and also of other road users and pedestrians. By increasing your awareness, you are able to deal with hazards sooner, which makes for a more relaxed, safer drive. Our courses are perfect for those who have just passed their driving test, those who have been driving for 50+ years and everyone in between.

Currently, there are over 49,000,000 licence holders in the UK. We have a course for every single one of these people, including you.

Since 2008 – We Have:

Trained around120,000Drivers

Helped over1,600Businesses

Provided over12,000,000Miles of On-Road Training