UK Van Driver Training

We offer van driver training across the UK and can start training from your office anywhere in the UK. We already help a number of companies in the UK that have identified the need to train their van drivers.

We provide training in a range of vans, the most popular being the Mercedes Sprinter and Ford Transit/Luton-type vans. Most of our training is for small and large vans up to 3,5t, which can be used on a normal B car licence. We can also provide training for Cat C and C1 commercial vehicles.

Who We Help?

A. New Van Drivers – Employees who have recently been employed and need to drive a van or current employees who are starting to use a company van. We help ensure they have the skills and ability to drive a van regardless of their level of experience safely.

B. Bumps & Scrapes – Employees who drive a van yet are having near misses, scrapes and accidents, which is causing a major concern within the company.

C. Duty of Care – Companies that wish to demonstrate their duty of care and raise the level of safety of their van drivers across the fleet. We can train between 1 and 100+ van drivers.


Course Content:

The objective of our courses is to make safer van drivers who have fewer incidents, fewer insurance claims, and improved MPG.

We cover the following:

  1. Observation & Planning 
  2. Speed awareness
  3. Being a responsible van driver 
  4. Understanding Road Rage
  5. Driving Law
  6. Reversing and Mirror Use
  7. Skid control
  8. Adverse Weather/Rain/Ice
  9. Van Load Awareness and Impact on Driving
  10. The Difference Between Cars vs Vans
  11. Other bespoke elements based on your specific driver 
  12. Advanced cornering techniques

Vans and (Too Many) Bumps – Why?

Many van accidents involve low speed and reversing errors, which are almost always due to a lack of observation and poor spatial awareness. We help develop both. Often, a van driver fails to alter their driving and manoeuvring “thinking” when moving from a car to a van.

This is a key reason why vans are involved in more accidents at lower speeds than cars. We help to create more of a “van style” of thinking with all drivers taking a course with us. After one of our courses, you will get a van driving report that is emailed to you as a record of the training that has taken place. We measure van drivers both before and after training, so you can see how they have improved. 

Price & Course Duration:

We can provide a full day (7hrs – with 2 x 30 min rest breaks) and a half-day (3.5 hours) across the UK. Please call us or email us using the contact form on the upper right. A member of our team will be in touch within 1 hour during working hours.