As we all hear in the media, we are leading busier lives, working longer and harder. As a result we are inevitably becoming less patient on road journeys.

This often means taking more risks, driving too fast and generally failing to behave on the road!

Our advanced driver training courses cover how to deal with road rage situations. However, if you are having a specific issues with road rage, then we can help you. We have developed a 2.5hr road rage course, that aims to help you confront your issues.

Our Road Rage Course:

Duration: 2.5hrs
Location: Full UK coverage
Cost: £300 including VAT


You will initially meet with you tutor, at a location convenient to you. The first part of the course will involve a detailed discussion of your road rage issues, in a friendly non-judgemental way. Working though our work plan, you will be asked to recall three serious road rage incidents you have had in the past, what caused them, and how you reacted. This is a great time to vent, and get off your chest the issues, which have caused you to look for help with your road rage in the first place. No holding back either!

We then spend some time examining the external stressors in your life, which could be impacting on and contributing to your road rage issues – not just what happened on the day.

We then look at detailed ways to reduce your road rage, which will be customised around your own specific issues – our course understands everyone is different.

At the end we take a short analysis drive in your car or van, where we look at situations, which would have caused road rage in the past, and how now you will be able to deal with such issues.

A full report will be prepared for you and emailed after the session, which will outline what has been discussed, along with the tips for safer road rage free driving. As far as we know, we are the only company in the UK to offer this specific course.

Get in Touch:

Please email or call 0333 567 0264 for more info or to look at dates, you can also use the contact form on the upper right of this page too.