Defensive & Advanced Driving Courses Winchester


We offer defensive and advanced driving courses in Winchester, Hampshire. Our courses are designed for companies that want to reduce the road risk of their drivers. We also offer driving courses for private customers too. Due to our training’s bespoke nature, we have a driving course ideal for everyone. While many of our courses for business and private customers overlap, all courses are available to either.

Training Format:

We offer driving courses on a 2:1 and a 1:1 basis.

A 2:1 basis is where one driver is trained by one of our local Hampshire-based tutors for 3.5 hours in the morning and then another for the same period in the afternoon. Basically, one tutor training two drivers in a day.

A 1:1 format is a tutor training a driver for either a 3.5hr session or 7hr session. Due to the cost and time savings, around 90% of customers opt for 2:1 training. We can also offer a 3 x 3.5hr session too if needed.

We cover this location + All of the UK – We come to you for the training:

We provide bespoke advanced/defensive driver training to companies and private individuals using our national network of DVSA-registered advanced driving instructors.

  • For Companies: We offer a range of driving courses for businesses:
    a. Advanced/Defensive Courses – Multiple Drivers – More Info
    b. Advanced/Defensive Courses – Single Driver – More Info
    c. Advised by Employer to do a Course – More Info
    d. Van Driver Training – More Info
    d. Online Risk Assessment (meet Dora!) – More Info
  • For Private Individuals: We offer courses for those that wish to improve their driving for a range of reasons:
    a. General Advanced/Defensive Driving Course – More Info
    b. Pending Speeding Conviction – More Info
    c. Advised by Solicitor/Insurance Company – More Info
    d. Nervous Driver/Driving Phobia – More Info
    e. High-Performance Car Owner – More Info
    f. Young/Inexperienced Driver – More Info

For all our bespoke driving courses in Winchester, we provide training on a range of roads and different areas, which can include:

Motorway training – Winchester lies on the M3 to the east of the city, which links Southampton to the M25 toward London, and this is a very busy route with a lot of through traffic linked via the A34 and the A31. Although statistics show that motorways are the safest routes to travel, they can be very worrying for many drivers. Understanding the regulations of motorway driving is essential as many things have changed with the introduction of Smart Motorways without hard shoulders and just one mile over the speed limit, which can now result in a fine. 

Rural Roads – Winchester is surrounded by picturesque open countryside and miles of rural roads. As picturesque as they are – they are also the most dangerous types of roads. The A3090 and the B3043 towards Chandlers Ford and the A272 towards Clanfield are some of the worse affected areas. Rural accidents can be very severe as there is a temptation to speed with minimal speed cameras operating in the area, as well as very few warning signs and by their nature, they are quite challenging. Understanding the regulations of rural driving is essential, especially during certain months of the year when seasonal changes can be pretty dramatic with flooding, ice, or tree falls, where diversions are often in place. Learning advanced driving techniques for rural roads can be valuable, and it can help with all other facets of your driving by enabling you to scan the road for improved observations and being aware of other road users and helping to improve your overall vehicle control and safety. 

Urban Training – Many accidents are found in the urban environment of Winchester and the B331 Silver Hill, and the B3330 one-way system has seen too many bumps that may have been avoided with more patience and less speed. Urban accidents seem to be less severe compared to motorways or rural roads, and this is often down to lower speeds, but still, they can be very costly and upsetting. Most accidents happen around traffic light junctions and roundabouts in urban settings, and this has a lot to do with driver impatience, poor indications, and poor use of mirrors. With advanced driver training, you can learn how to anticipate the actions of other road users, including pedestrians, cyclists and motorbikes. 

Remember – Each driving course is totally bespoke to your own specific needs and requirements. This applies to both our business and private client courses.

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All our courses are bespoke to the needs of the driver, whether that’s a session for one or 100+. As a result, we can provide a course, which best fit’s your needs. Please call us or use the contact form upper right for more information.