Defensive & Advanced Driving Courses Telford

We are an advanced driver training company based in Shrewsbury but have over 200 advanced driving tutors across the UK. Telford is a popular location for us, and since 2004 we have helped a number of companies and private individuals reduce their road risk.

Remember – Each driving course is totally bespoke to your own specific needs and requirements. This applies to both our business and private client courses.

We cover this location + All of the UK – We come to you for the training:

We provide bespoke advanced/defensive driver training to companies and private individuals, using our national network of DVSA-registered advanced driving instructors.

  • For Companies: We offer a range of driving courses for businesses:
    a. Advanced/Defensive Courses – Multiple Drivers – More Info
    b. Advanced/Defensive Courses – Single Driver – More Info
    c. Advised by Employer to do a Course – More Info
    d. Van Driver Training – More Info
    d. Online Risk Assessment (meet Dora!) – More Info
  • For Private Individuals: We offer courses for those that wish to improve their driving for a range of reasons:
    a. General Advanced/Defensive Driving Course – More Info
    b. Pending Speeding Conviction – More Info
    c. Advised by Solicitor/Insurance Company – More Info
    d. Nervous Driver/Driving Phobia – More Info
    e. High-Performance Car Owner – More Info
    f. Young/Inexperienced Driver – More Info

Training Advantages:


  • Increased driver safety 
  • Lower insurance
  • Improved MPG
  • Fewer road traffic collisions
  • Demonstrating your Duty of Care

During our advanced courses, we cover a wide range of elements, bespoke to the needs of the driver:

  • Looking at a driver’s own specific driving style, mileage, types of roads and driving history to make a bespoke training plan
  • Helping drivers observe, plan and anticipate more effectively
  • Speed awareness and how to manage your own speed
  • Improving a driver’s attitude towards safer driving
  • Evaluating a driver’s motorway driving skills and ability
  • Increase a driver’s ability on rural roads, which require superior car control
  • Dealing with urban driving and the unique hazards found, such as dealing with cyclists and pedestrians
  • Reversing and parking
  • Driving in dangerous weather

Remember – Each driving course is totally bespoke to your own specific needs and requirements. This applies to both our business and private client courses.

For all our bespoke driving courses in Telford, we provide training on a range of roads and different areas, which can include:

Motorway training – The M54 starts at the western edge of Telford and joins the M6 north of Wolverhampton and is a hectic route, especially during rush hours. Heavy motorway traffic can scare many drivers, and they will avoid them, often adding hours to a long journey. It is not just the motorway that is worrying; it is the fast dual carriageways and large roundabouts leading to the junctions that can be stressful, especially if you are unfamiliar with using them. Advanced driver motorway training can help any driver gain confidence when using fast motorway routes. Apart from company fleet drivers, who we train often, it’s the new drivers on their first motorway journeys and drivers who now have to drive for the family that we also often help, along with those who suffer motorway anxiety. Once you understand the regulations of motorways, including the Smart motorway systems, you will find that the rest of the UK is open for exploration more directly and much quicker.

Rural Roads – Within a few miles of Telford centre, you will be in relatively rural areas with many miles of minor B roads and narrow lanes, which can be hazardous if you are not used to the area. Rural driving has many associated issues, from minimal street lighting, few warning signs and very bendy roads with poor forward vision. Another main problem with rural driving is the lack of speed cameras, and the temptation to speed is high, and unfortunately, it is the younger drivers that come to the most harm in such situations. The B4380 and the B5061 toward Shrewsbury are hazardous roads similar to the A442 through Crudgington. There is much to be aware of with driving rurally; in farming communities, there may be loose animals on the road or horse riders and cyclists around every corner possibly, so forward planning and observations are crucial.

Urban Training – Telford has a very busy urban network of roads, with the junctions to the M54 only a short distance from the centre, and the ring road of Hall Park Way and Malinsgate are particularly accident-prone areas. There are many roundabouts and traffic light junctions, and these areas require the utmost patience and observation. Busy rush hour traffic can be frustrating, and even though accidents in urban environments are less severe due to lower speeds, they can cause road closures and costly insurance claims. Any driver who needs to drive across busy towns needs to make sure that they are using the basics of driving – mirror, signal, manoeuvre, as these can often be forgotten soon after passing the driving test. We have all been cut up by drivers who do not indicate or read the road well, and this is the leading cause of urban accidents, so learning how to anticipate the actions of other drivers, pedestrians, and cyclist is vital.

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