Advanced & Defensive Driving Courses Suffolk

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Our advanced driving courses in Suffolk cover a wide range of areas in the county, including Bury St Edmunds, Ipswich, Newmarket and other towns in the county. We have a number of expert tutors within a 30-mile radius of Suffolk, so when it comes to training your drivers, we can come to you, whether that is an office, warehouse or client’s own home. 

Remember – We build all our driving courses from scratch, and are built around your specific needs. This applies to both business and private customers all over the UK.

Our advanced driving courses in Suffolk cover a range of roads. The purpose is to, first of all, assess the driver, so our tutor can get a feel for the driver. This is achieved by allowing them to drive in a way they normally do for 20-30 minutes. After this, a debrief takes place before the coaching begins. The coaching looks to address the driver’s weaknesses and to develop them as drivers, so they leave the session with improved driving skills and a more positive focus towards their driving. Delegates really enjoy the training sessions with us. 

During a session, we typically look at:

* Forward planning and observation
* Speed awareness
* Developing a positive attitude towards safer driving
* How to become a safer driver on all roads
* Car or van control (gears, steering, foot controls, signals)
* Rules of the road
* Dealing with road rage
* Reversing and manoeuvres
* Dealing with adverse weather
* Town and urban defensive driving
* Driving in heavy traffic and allowing adequate space
* Skid control theory and learning what causes skids
* Eco-safe driving (effective use of speed, gears, and planning)
* Anticipation – Learning to see and not just look
* Understanding other road users and their intentions

We can provide a quote based on a 2:1 or a 1:1 basis. The 2:1 basis is the most popular and involves one driver being trained in the morning and one in the afternoon. The 1:1 is ideal if you want full-day training for one driver.

We cover Suffolk + All of the UK – We come to you for the training.

For all our bespoke driving courses in Suffolk, we provide training on a range of roads and different areas, which can include:

Motorway training – Much like Norfolk, Suffolk is not served by any motorways. The M1 to the east of Cambridge is the nearest motorway we use when training drivers to become more confident with some faster motorway driving techniques. We also use many routes to deliver training, such as the A14 and the A140 dual carriageways between Ipswich and Norwich. This will be an excellent start for drivers who have not experienced motorways, such as new drivers or those who have lost confidence due to long-standing anxiety. Fast speeds and more traffic can be a worry, as well as the fear of missing junctions due to be if boxed in by large HGVs. We teach several driving systems that will help with motorway confidence and have seen many drivers gain their freedom after years of being too afraid to use them. We teach advanced driving techniques that can help with many aspects of motorway driving, such as better forward planning and improved observations, the system of IPSGA car control– (information, planning, speed, gear, and acceleration) and allowing you to enter and exit busy motorway junctions and learning to drive at the correct speed, especially as now just one mile over the speed limit can bring you penalties.

Rural Roads – Suffolk has many rural and coastal routes and is packed with minor B roads and narrow country lanes that some drivers worry about. Using the A12 from Lowestoft to Ipswich, for example, we can create a course that is tailored to your unique needs taking in lots of small rural roads into Halesworth and Framlington (plus many other routes). These roads are ideal for all aspects of rural driver training. Rural driving can be hazardous due to seasonal issues such as being stuck behind farming traffic or winter floods and ice. Rural driving is statistically much more dangerous than urban or motorway driving due to many aspects, such as little street lighting or warning signs. Unfortunately, accidents tend to be more severe, and it’s new drivers who come to the most harm. Rural coastal routes such as the B1803 toward Felixstowe see many accidents with drivers who may be tourists and unfamiliar with the local roads – or just driving too fast. 

Urban Training – Ipswich, Newmarket and Bury St Edmunds are the larger towns in Suffolk, and we have taken many drivers through urban driver training. Urban driving can be riddled with issues, from frustrating slow traffic jams to impatient drivers and diversions. It tends to be the rush hours or school run times that create the most accidents, and although it is never great to be caught up in an accident, the slower speeds of urban driving make for less severe outcomes. When considering urban driving, there are many large roundabouts and multilane junctions; if you are unfamiliar with the area, these can be pretty scary. The excellent network of urban roads in Ipswich is ideal for training. For example, we use Crown Street and the Franciscan Way to teach you how urban driving can be much less stressful with proper planning – urban training is not just limited to Ipswich. We can help any driver become much safer and more confident with urban driving. We have delivered many courses for private individuals who have lost confidence, to delivery drivers needing to know the rules and regulations of the road when looking to stop and deliver parcels in busy town environments.  

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