Advanced & Defensive Driving Courses Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes is one of many locations we offer advanced driver training in the UK. We private training for both business and private clients. Its location on the border of Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire makes it an ideal location to provide advanced driver training. We don’t just offer advanced and defensive driving courses, but a range of bespoke courses such as:

1. General driver training (requested by an employer, solicitor, own personal interest)
2. Post-RTC confidence driving course
3. Refresher driving courses

4. Confidence development courses
5. Courses for performance car drivers
6. Van driver training

We often head out towards Oxford, or north towards Northampton, or even across the Cambridge on a session.

We cover this location + All of the UK – We come to you for the training.

Course Duration:

* 3.5hr session
* 7hr session
* 2 x 3.5hr sessions
* 3 x 3.5hr sessions
* 4 x 3.5r sessions
* 5 x 3.5hr sessions

Course Content:

Although our courses are bespoke to your needs, below are a number of things we often cover, based on a drivers ability, skill and what they want from a session:

* Reviewing a drivers specific day to day driving, and their motoring history to create a bespoke training plan
Developing a drivers powers of observation
* Understanding speed and creating a focus on excessive speed and its implications
* Changing attitude towards a safer way to drive
* Learning the System of Car Control
* Manoeuvres, reversing, driving in tight spaces such as carparks
* Motorway driving
* Urban driving
* Ecosafe driving
* How to boost driving confidence


Remember – We build all our driving courses from scratch, and are built around your specific needs. This applies to both business and private customers, all over the UK.


All our courses are designed to drive on as many roads as possible, as this really helps with training a driver and getting the very best out of them.

We focus on rural roads, urban roads and motorways (the M1 being the motorway of choice in Milton Keynes)

Course format:

* Initial introductions and car/van checks

* 20-minute initial drive – to allow our tutors to get to grips with the drivers specific driving style and to put the driver at ease – this isn’t a driving test, but a day of enjoyable learning. 

* Debrief – to outline what the tutor observed, and explain what the rest of the session covers, and answer any further questions the driver may have. 

* Main part – working with the driver to address opportunities for developing their driving, and introduce various advanced driving concepts such as The Limit Point, and The System of Car Control, Anticipation, Planning, Skid Control etc…. This is where the main part of the training takes place.

* Debrief – At the end of the course, feedback from both the driver and tutor takes place. 

A few days after the course, a driving report for each driver will be sent to you, this gives an overview of the course, provides feedback for the driver, and is a record of having taken your Duty of Care in regards to driver training.


If you have between 1 and 4 drivers, or if you are a private customer, you can book and pay for a course online at If you wish to talk with us, have more questions or want a quote for a large number of drivers, please call or email us today.