Advanced, Defensive & Bespoke Driving Courses Lancashire

We have many advanced driving tutors who provide advanced driving courses in the Lancashire area alone. Most of our advanced courses start from the client’s office in and around the Lancashire area. We provide driver training for both private customers and business clients.

All our driving courses are conducted by Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) fleet-registered ADIs (Approved Driving Instructors). All our tutors have a passion for road safety and teaching the latest driving techniques to drivers of all abilities in an easy to learn informative and enjoyable way.

Our courses do alter in their delivery, although we have a number of courses based on time; these are outlined below:

3.5hr session
7hr session
2 x 3.5hr sessions
3 x 3.5hr sessions
4 x 3.5r sessions
5 x 3.5hr sessions

Remember – Each driving course is bespoke to your own needs. This applies to both business and individual customers across the UK

Training with Drivers Domain UK:

We can offer advanced driving courses in Lancashire on a 2:1 basis, where one driver is trained in the morning for 3.5 hours and the other in the afternoon for 3.5 hours. Alternatively, we can provide a full day (7 hours) session for one driver. We can also offer 2 x 3.5hr sessions or 3 x 3.5hr sessions too.

During our advanced driver training, we cover many elements, including:

  • Speed awareness
  • How to lower the chances of having a road traffic collision
  • Forward planning
  • Learning the system of car control
  • Commentary driving
  • How to identify and eliminate bad habits
  • Motorway and dual carriageway driving
  • Learning how to drive in a more environmentally friendly way
  • Learning how to better anticipate the actions of other drivers
  • How to deal with road rage

For all our bespoke driving courses in Lancashire, we provide training on a range of roads and different areas, which can include:

Motorway training – There are a few main motorways that run across Lancashire. The M6 runs from Birmingham, through Lancashire and onto Carlisle. The M65 runs from Preston, through Blackburn and into Burnley. The M55 is picked up from the M6 at Preston and into Blackpool on the coast. With our bespoke driver training, we can help you become more confident when driving on the motorway network. We can provide a course that will take most of the Lancashire motorways. We can show you how to navigate the correct lanes for your exit, stop being boxed in by lorries, and how to join a motorway at the right speed and reduce the anxiety that can come when driving at speed.

Rural Roads – Although Lancashire is a bustling county, it has a large area of outstanding beauty right in the middle of the county, the Forest of Bowland. There are some lovely roads you can use for rural road training too. You can drive from Burnley to Lancaster without using faster routes. The picturesque villages, farmland and open green area can be enjoyed much more once you feel confident driving on these small lanes. Between Blackpool and Lancashire, the coastal roads have their own issues in the summer months with rural farming and tourist traffic. Knowing how to drive well in quiet and rural areas is a skill that can be honed with minimal effort but can keep you safe and sound on some of the most dangerous roads in the county.

Urban Training – Blackpool, Burnley, Lancaster, Preston, and Blackburn are the larger towns in Lancashire. Knowing how to navigate busy, often slow routes in inner-city areas is a must. There are many risks of driving in urban and busy town environments, such as pedestrians, cyclists, and commuter traffic. Being aware of your surroundings is vital. Knowing which lane you should be in for your journey and being able to find your way across busy town centres is something we help many drivers with. With lots of retail centres set outside town centres, there are often new junctions and roundabouts being built or recent additions to the town. If you are unsure about driving in the new urban areas or are confused with new road layouts, then get in touch.

Course Durations:

3.5hr – Around 30% opt for this course. The benefits of this course are that it’s the cheapest, and is only 3.5hr, the disadvantages are that for some drivers it’s too short. Ideal mainly for companies training 4 or more drivers.

2 x 3.5hr – This is advantageous for customers that can’t drive for 7hrs and need the split to reflect. Often a driver gets homework in this session, so they can practice what has been taught in session 1 to help them with session 2. Older drivers often opt for this course.

7hr full day – Although it is hard work for some, a full day is cheaper than 2 x 3.5hr. It’s good for those who are time-poor. Maybe your company has asked you to do this course, or maybe you feel a 7hr will work better for you. Talk with us if you are unsure.

We understand not all drivers want a half, full or 2 half days. Some need or want longer. That is why we offer 3,4, and 5 x 3.5h sessions. These courses are often run over a few weeks and are mostly designed for drivers who have significant issues, such as a driving phobia, or need confidence training after a serious road traffic collision.

Online Quote & Prices:

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