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To receive a quote for providing advanced driver training for yourself or your staff, please complete the contact form on the right of the screen, or call or email us. East Sussex has a relatively high accident rate as a county. This is partly due to the high concentration of rural roads and also the higher than average traffic per sq/km.

We cover East Sussex + All of the UK – We come to you for the training:

We provide bespoke advanced/defensive driver training to companies and private individuals using our national network of DVSA-registered advanced driving instructors

  • For Companies: We offer a range of driving courses for businesses:
    a. Advanced/Defensive Courses – Multiple Drivers – More Info
    b. Advanced/Defensive Courses – Single Driver – More Info
    c. Advised by Employer to do a Course – More Info
    d. Van Driver Training – More Info
    d. Online Risk Assessment (meet Dora!) – More Info
  • For Private Individuals: We offer courses for those that wish to improve their driving for a range of reasons:
    a. General Advanced/Defensive Driving Course – More Info
    b. Pending Speeding Conviction – More Info
    c. Advised by Solicitor/Insurance Company – More Info
    d. Nervous Driver/Driving Phobia – More Info
    e. High-Performance Car Owner – More Info
    f. Young/Inexperienced Driver – More Info

We have provided advanced driving courses to a number of companies based in East Sussex, including those in Brighton, Uckfield, Crowborough and Eastbourne. Our courses are designed to make drivers safer, and from an employer’s view, our courses demonstrate your duty of care.

Unique to us, all our courses are finalised with a fully documented driving course report for each driver – which documents your duty of care and also provides an interesting report of what was taught during the course and how the driver improved. 

With our training, we try and cover a range of roads including motorway, rural and town driving. Depending on where you are in East Sussex, we can provide training on M23/M25 for motorway driving and a range of A roads, including A270, A26 and A22, plus many more. 

Remember – All of our on-road driving courses are bespoke to your own needs. This relates to both business and private customers

Benefits of our courses:

* Flexible training options
* Competitive prices
* Highest quality tutors
* Reduced insurance costs
* Improved MPG
* Safer drivers

During a session, we typically look at:

* Forward planning and observation
* Speed awareness
* Developing a positive attitude towards safer driving
* How to become a safer driver on all roads
* Car or van control (gears, steering, foot controls, signals)
* Rules of the road
* Dealing with road rage
* Reversing and manoeuvres
* Dealing with adverse weather
* Town and urban defensive driving
* Driving in heavy traffic and allowing adequate space
* Skid control theory and learning what causes skids
* Eco-safe driving (effective use of speed, gears, and planning)
* Anticipation – Learning to see and not just look
* Understanding other road users and their intentions

For all our bespoke driving courses in East Sussex, we provide training on a range of roads and different areas, which can include:

Motorway training – The nearest motorway to East Sussex is the M20 which runs from Folkstone through to the M25, linking to the outskirts of London. We have often used this motorway for drivers living in East Sussex, but we join the motorway using faster routes such as the A26 and the A22. During motorway training, we use many systems of car control such as IPSGA – Information, planning, speed, gear and acceleration, and by understanding how to scan the road better, you can easily avoid any issues. There are many reasons people opt to take advanced driver motorway training, from new drivers to company van drivers and those who now have to use a motorway for work purposes. Although you are less likely to be involved in an accident on a motorway than in town or on rural roads, the added lanes, higher speeds and the large HGV traffic can be very worrisome. Being a confident motorway driver is a must if you intend to travel any long distances.

Rural Roads – The majority of East Sussex is both rural and coastal, and driving in areas such as these can have its own set of problems. In the summer, there will be much tourism, slowing up coastal routes with large caravans and campervans and heavy farm machinery slowing up the rural lanes. In the winter, there is the possibility of impassable lanes, with falling trees or flooding. Rural roads will always have much less lighting or signage, so knowing how to drive safely on unfamiliar country roads is vital. Unfortunately, many accidents happen in these rural areas, especially between Brighton and Pevensey along the A27 and the A259 coast road linking into Eastbourne. Applying advanced driving skills to rural driving will help maintain safety and make driving more pleasurable. Although country roads can be hazardous, East Sussex is among the most picturesque areas in the UK, with many beautiful villages to visit and enjoy.

Urban Training – Eastbourne and Hastings are the most significant towns in East Sussex, and due to their coastal locations, many accidents around the busy town centres involve tourists unfamiliar with the area. There is much to consider when driving in urban town settings, from the impatience of others during rush hours to the added footfall of pedestrians and nippy cyclists. If you have a good grounding in town driving, it should help you drive in any urban situation confidently. There is far more need to be aware of your surroundings by using your mirrors effectively, scanning the road ahead to observe other road users, and anticipating their intentions. We can create an urban route to combine any area specific to your needs, and we do many courses for drivers who live more rurally but now have to travel for work or family purposes and venture into more urban settings. Our urban driver training will also help delivery drivers create better routes for themselves and stay safe in larger vehicles they may not be used to driving.

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