Advanced & Defensive Driving Courses Dagenham

We already help a number of companies and private individuals based in Dagenham that require advanced, defensive or some other bespoke driver training. We also provide driver training for private customers too.

We cover Dagenham + all of the UK – We come to you for the training:

We provide bespoke advanced/defensive driver training to companies and private individuals, using our nationwide network of DVSA-registered advanced driving instructors.

  • For Businesses: We offer a variety of driving courses for businesses:
    a. Advanced/Defensive Courses – Multiple Drivers – More Info
    b. Advanced/Defensive Courses – Single Driver – More Info
    c. Advised by Employer to do a Course – More Info
    d. Van Driver Training – More Info
    d. Online Risk Assessment (meet Dora!) – More Info
  • For Individuals: We offer courses for those that wish to develop their driving for a range of reasons:
    a. General Advanced/Defensive Driving Course – More Info
    b. Pending Speeding Conviction – More Info
    c. Advised by Solicitor/Insurance Company – More Info
    d. Nervous Driver/Driving Phobia – More Info
    e. High-Performance Car Owner – More Info
    f. Young/Inexperienced Driver – More Info

Our advanced driving courses (sometimes referred to as defensive driving courses) are designed to improve the skill and safety of a driver.

We conduct training on a usually 2:1 basis. This is where one driver is taken out for 3.5 hours in the morning with one tutor and another for the same period in the afternoon, per tutor. We can supply many tutors at a given site or a number of sites for a training schedule.


Remember – All of our on-road driving courses are bespoke to your own needs. This relates to both business and private customers


Our courses are split to cover three main road types for maximum training benefit:


For all our bespoke driving courses in Dagenham, we provide training on a range of roads and different areas, which can include:

Motorway training – The closest motorway to Dagenham is the M25, linked by the A13 south and the A12 north, and these routes are particularly busy, especially during rush hours with commuter traffic. When living or working within the capital, motorway driving is essential to navigating separate areas quickly. There are many motorway accidents, which tend to occur around the junctions, mainly down to the entering or exiting speeds, and occasionally because a driver panics when nearly missing an exit and dangerously scoots across lanes. Always keeping a reasonable distance between you and the vehicle in front will ensure you can see the road ahead clearly. This is very important when behind high-sided lorries. Understanding the theory of motorway driving is essential, especially with the introduction of Smart Motorways.

Rural Roads – To the north and east of Dagenham, some lovely rural areas have picturesque villages towards Tilbury and Southend on Sea. Still, unfortunately, rural roads can be particularly hazardous if unfamiliar to the driver. With some very narrow lanes, often single track, meeting other road users can be problematic, especially if driving at speed. It is vital that you understand how to scan the road in such a way that allows good forward observations and planning to take place. For example, the triangle of minor roads between Chadwell St Mary, East Tilbury and Linford is littered with accident sites, many of which may have been avoided with some better observations and less haste. With few warning signs and hardly any street lights, rural driving can be hazardous, and sadly younger drivers are harmed most in such areas.

Urban Training – The urban area of Dagenham contains many busy roads, such as the A1240 Heathway and the intersections of Hedgemans Road and Parsloes Avenue, which include many stop-start traffic light junctions that have seen many accidents over the past few years. Most urban accidents result from impatience or misunderstanding another driver’s intentions. Extra training for driving in urban environments will help reduce numbers immensely. It is vital to have all-around vision when driving in busy urban streets, with side junctions and cyclists being an extra consideration. Although urban accidents are most likely to be less severe as they tend to happen at lower speeds, they can be very chaotic and costly. In many cases, they may have been avoided with better observations and patience.


During a session, we typically look at:

* Forward planning and observation
* Speed Awareness
* Developing a positive attitude towards safer driving
* How to become a safer driver on all roads
* Car or van control (gears, steering, foot controls, signals)
* Rules of the road
* Dealing with road rage
* Reversing and manoeuvres
* Dealing with adverse weather
* Town and urban defensive driving
* Driving in heavy traffic and allowing adequate space
* Skid control theory and learning what causes skids
* Eco-safe driving (effective use of speed, gears, and planning)
* Anticipation – Learning to see and not just look
* Understanding other road users and their intentions

After the course, there is a full debrief where feedback from the tutor is given, and feedback from the driver is encouraged. After the course, a report is created for each driver and emailed to the person who has organised the course. This is usually kept on their HR file for future reference and acts as documentary evidence of Duty of Care taken by the company.

Course Duration:

Our courses do alter in their delivery, although we have a number of courses based on time. These are outlined below:

3.5hr session
7hr session
2 x 3.5hr sessions
3 x 3.5hr sessions
4 x 3.5r sessions
5 x 3.5hr sessions

Contact us:

All our courses are bespoke to the needs of the driver, whether that’s a session for one or 100+. As a result, we can provide a course which best fit’s your needs. Please contact us for more information.