Advanced & Defensive Driving Courses Wakefield

We offer a range of advanced and defensive across the UK including Wakefield. Our courses are designed to improve the level of skill and safety for drivers of all ages and ability. We offer a half (3.5hr) and full-day (7hr) course. We also offer 3,4 and 5 x 3.5hr sessions as packages. 

Remember – Each driving course is totally bespoke to your own specific needs and requirements. This applies to both our business and private client courses.

Advantages of training with us:

We’ve worked really hard to develop a service, which best fits with you, these points include:

* A personalised service
* Full UK coverage
* We only work with the most dedicated DVSA tutors
* Driving and road safety is our passion
* Each customer is assigned s personal account manager

After each course, we provide a full driving report which includes written notes from the tutor

Advanced & Defensive Driving Course – Wakefield: Locations/Road Types:

We come to you for the training, whether that is from your office if you are a business customer, or from your home if you are a private customer. Our courses cover training on a range of roads including rural roads, town driving and motorways.

Rural Roads – For this training element in Wakefield we often head out towards Barnsley to the south, or towards Huddersfield to the west. On rural roads, we teach a range of advanced techniques, designed to get the best from a driver – to make them safer, more observant motorists, with increased powers of observation, anticipation and car control.

Town Driving – We use the centre of Wakefield for town/urban driving where we focus on lower speed limits, driving safely in various lanes, and how to deal with vulnerable road users like cyclists.

Motorway – We usually head out towards the M62 for motorway training, which focuses on teaching drivers how to enter and exit these roads safely, and also how to increase levels of observation and anticipation. We also focus on the rules of the motorways, which is of significant benefit to all drivers, especially those driving commercial vehicles.

What We Cover:


During a full or half-day session, we cover a range of elements including:

* Forward Planning & Observation
* Car Control
* Dealing with Road Rage
* Speed Awareness
* Dealing with Adverse Weather
* Rules of the Road
* Creating a Positive Driving Attitude

Plus much more…


Course Formats:

3.5hr – Around 30% opt for this course. The benefits of this course are that it’s the cheapest, and is only 3.5hr, disadvantages are that for some drivers it’s too short. Ideal mainly for companies training 4 or more drivers.

2 x 3.5hr – This is advantageous for customers that can’t drive for 7hrs and need the split to reflect. Often a driver gets homework on this session, so they can practice what has been taught on session 1, to help them with session 2. Older drivers often opt for this course.

7hr full day – Although it is hard work for some, a full day is cheaper than 2 x 3.5hr. It’s good for those who are time-poor. Maybe your company has asked you to do this course, or maybe you feel a 7hr will work better for you. Talk with us if you are unsure.

We understand not all drivers want a half, full or 2 half days. Some need or want longer. That is why we offer 3,4 and 5 x 3.5h sessions. These courses are often run over a few weeks, and are mostly designed for drivers who have significant issues, such as a driving phobia, or need confidence training after a serious road traffic collision.

After the training, you will receive a full driving report, which will outline the driving standard both before and after the training. We measure a driver in 20+ key areas and score them either excellent, very good, good, adequate or poor. We do this at the start and the end, so you can see the improvement and in what areas. There will also be notes from the tutor too. This report (and course) will be completed by a professional DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency) registered advanced driving instructor. The tutors DVSA registration number will be recorded on this report. As you may have seen from our website, we come to you for the training, which takes place in your own car.


Contact Us:

Please contact us for a quote, using the webform on the upper right of this page.  We offer training on a 3.5hr and 7hr basis and can train between 1 to 100+ drivers.