Advanced & Bespoke Defensive Driving Courses Inverness

We can offer advanced and defensive driving courses all over the UK.

As Inverness is a remote location for us, do please get in touch before booking. 

Our advanced and defensive driving courses are designed for car and vans. We can train between 1 and 100+ drivers. We already help provide driver training in other Scottish cities, including Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen.

Course Content:

During our advanced and defensive driving courses, we cover the following:

* Observation and forward planning (including advanced mirror use)
* Vehicle control
* Adapting to various road types
* Dealing with emergency situations
* Remaining safe in adverse weather conditions
* Learning the System of Car Control & Limit Point
* Speed awareness
* Rural, Dual Carriageway and Town driving
* Coping with road rage
* Developing a positive attitude to driving

Our courses are designed around the needs of the driver. We don’t offer an “out-the-box” standard course, but one which is built around the needs of your driver or drivers. After the course, we provide a full report for each driver taking the training. All our tutors are DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency) approved fleet/advanced driving instructors. 


Remember – Each driving course is totally bespoke to your own specific needs and requirements. This applies to both our business and private client courses.

For all our bespoke driving courses in Inverness, we provide training on a range of roads and different areas, which can include:

Motorway training – The nearest motorway to Inverness is the M9 towards Sterling, but the faster roads of the A9, which continues to Thurso, A82 down to Crianlarich, and the A96 to Elgin and Aberdeen, are ideal for practising motorway driving. For those who are unfamiliar with motorway driving, they can be very worrying due to the speed and amount of other vehicles on the road at the same time. There are specific challenges when considering motorway driving, from entering and exiting junctions at speed and changing lanes to avoiding being boxed in by lorries and high-sided vans. Motorway driving is statistically much safer than most other roads, but the speed can make accidents quite severe, so it is vital that every driver understands how to use good observations and can move out of the way of trouble.

Rural Roads – Being set in rural Scotland, the minor roads around Inverness can be very hazardous, especially in the winter months, when they can be impassable with snow and ice. Understanding rural road driving is essential for all who live in the area as within a few miles of the town centre, you are in very rural areas. For example, the A862 past Buncrew has seen some fatal accidents very similar to the A96 toward Nairn, and although you can never account for other drivers’ actions, you can be in a position where you can observe the road ahead well and move away from issues calmly. We teach advanced driving systems such as the ‘Limit point’, which is ideal for driving on very winding roads and will help with all other aspects of your driving.

Urban Training – The A82 and the A9 join at the north of Inverness at the Longman Road roundabout, and these are very busy urban routes; using these, we will teach drivers to become more assured with busy city driving. Toward the city centre, you will find the B861, which is particularly accident-prone, especially in frustrating rush hour traffic. Urban driving requires patience and great observation, as well as learning how to predict the actions of other drivers, especially around junctions and roundabouts where drivers do not always indicate their intentions in good time. Although accidents in urban areas tend to be less severe due to the lower speeds, but can still be a problem with possible road closures and costly insurance claims.


We can normally arrange a course with around 2 weeks notice, although this can vary. Please contact us for availability and/or a quote by using the contact form on the upper right of the screen.