Top 10 Most Expensive Fuel Prices by Country and Top 10 Cheapest


If you think fuel prices in the UK are expensive, well your not wrong. According to recent research British prices are the 7th most expensive in the world!

If you can remember back to 1983….a litre of petrol would cost you just 38p..! Back in 1918 tax just made up just short of 14% of the total pump price. Nowadays it is nearer 70%!

Top 10 Most Expensive Fuel Prices by Country:

10. Belgium – 140.8p per litre
9. Eritrea – 141p
8. Sweden – 141.3p
7. Britain – 142p
6. Denmark – 143p
5. Greece – 145p
4. Italy – 146.5p
3. Netherlands – 148p
2. Turkey – 162p
1. Norway – 164p

Top 10 Cheapest Fuel Prices by Country:

10. Iran – 21p a litre
9. Algeria – 17p a litre
8. Kuwait – 17p a litre
7. Turkmenistan – 17p a litre
6. Libya – 15p a litre
5. Bahrain – 15p a litre
4. Qatar – 12p a litre
3. Saudi Arabia – 10p a litre
2. Egypt – 9p a litre
1. Venezuela – 8p a litre

To put things into perspective, the last time petrol was around 8p a litre in Britain was in 1971. In Britain, along with the rest of the world prices will continue to rise.

More fuel efficient cars will become available, and with increased technology they will continue to get even more economical. Within the next 10 years cars will be able to return over 500 mpg – hybrid/fuel cell + petrol/diesel cars….watch this space!


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