The Worlds Worst Drivers – By Country

You are around 15 times more likely to die in a car crash in Dominican Republic than in Iceland – and the British and safer drivers than Americans.

This article looks at car crash rates around the globe.

You will be able to discover how safe (or not!) your own country is compared to the rest of the world.

The image below, from World Health Organisation shows, by country the road traffic death rate per 100,00 people…The Middle East and Africa are of major concern.

Global Car Crash Death Rates 

Death Rates By Country

Everyone Thinks THEY Have The Worst Drivers….EVER!

Ask many people in the UK, and they will often say, regardless of the actual facts – that their town, city or country is full of angry, really dangerous and rude drivers! More alarmingly I suspect these people are often the ones who find it slightly amusing, when taking their two week holiday to Turkey to be thrown around each corner by their speeding taxi or coach driver…..and all they say is

well it’s how they driver over there

I am not a psychologist. However, it fascinates me why people often focus on the negative elements of driving standards in their own town, city or country, yet when away from their familiar habitat are quite happy to “accept” and should I say find it amusing, to be put in a situation, which is probably far more dangerous than what they are used to.

I find it interesting how people make their own judgement from their own experiences, and totally ignore the reality.

Sorry I am ranting a bit! Anyway before we get into detail, you may be interested to learn what country has the most dangerous roads in the world, well here it is:

The Dominican Republic! РJust think about that when your taxi driver is racing you to your All Inclusive resort on the island, whilst you sit back and think how nice it is, being away from all those crazy drivers back home! They have 41.7 driving deaths per 100,000 people per year. Over a lifetime of 70 years this means you have a 1:480  chance of dying in a car crash!

The next ten in descending order are:

Thailand – Venezuela – Iran – Nigeria – South Africa – Iraq – Guinea-Bissau – Oman and Chad.

Many of the deaths in these countries occur on motorbikes, although there is a considerable proportion of cars included too. Many of these accidents are as a result of drink driving.

The country with the lowest death rate is Iceland. This country only has 2.8 road deaths per 100,000 people. Sweden follows closely. The next safest in descending order are Britain, the Netherlands, Norway and Switzerland. Denmark,

What can the most dangerous countries do?

Follow best practise from the safest probably! Seriously, by working on driver education, and driving standards will help.

Also enforcing drink and drug driving laws more stringently will further help, as will more stringent vehicle testing and checks. Most of the safest countries are wealthy, developed countries who have the money for improving standards etc.

However, although the less developed countries may not have the same funds available, they can make changes if they choose to.


Created by Rob Morgan

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