system of car control

The System of Car Control – How You Can Use It

The system of car control is a systematical way of driving which was initially developed and taught by Police drivers.

The system of car control is also used when training advanced drivers, or those taking an advanced driving course.  The system of car control is also taught with all our advanced driving courses.

What is it?

The system of car control is simply a procedure for safe, systematic driving. The “system” as it is commonly referred to, can be applied in the following steps:

1. Position – Before anything else it is important to position the vehicle correctly
2. Speed – The alter speed according to the situation
3. Gear – Once in right position at right speed you can change gear, block changing!
4. Acceleration – Once past the hazard you can accelerate away.

During this system, from start to finish there is an INFORMATION phase. This can be broken down to T-U-G (Take, Use and Give) Take as in see, use as in process what you have seen, and give, deciding if you need to give information, such as an indication.

How can you use it?

The system of car control is a great way to plan your driving. You can use it for the following:

1. Approaching a left or right turn
2. Approaching a corner
3. Approaching a roundabout
4. Dealing with parked car
5. Any hazard you may see when driving!!

The list is endless…. What the system does is allow you to plan. However, it is flexible. Sometimes elements of the system can overlap – such as speed and gear, if you overlap both for quicker and shorter braking when you are making a turn off a road downhill.

There are many views about the system of car control and how to apply it which I won’t go into now. Often these are nit-picking thoughts and ideas….or what people feel is best. All you need to understand that the system is flexible. The main thing to do is go and test it out, you will be surprised how it improved your driving in many areas.