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Five Things To Do – After Your Advanced Driving Course


The tips and advice here are generic for anyone who has done an advanced driving course (including ours of course!) and who want to ensure their new found skills don’t fade, as they often do!

After a course, you have the basics in place, fresh in your mind to continue being a safer driver. But how do you keep the skills you acquired during the day fresh ? Its all too easy over time to forget what you have been taught.

So here are a few tips:

1. Write a list – If you did not receive a post course report which you can refer back to, then write a list of all the things you need to work on – and then work on improving them.

Also make a note of any hints and tips you found useful on your training day. Refer back to these every few weeks to start, if needed.

2. Drive – Driving is a great way to practise your advanced driving skills..!! Remember to put into practise the things you have listed in point 1 above.

3. Talk – On your advanced driving course you may have been taught how to give a commentary when driving. This can be done with someone or alone. It really helps you think and plan (and notice things more) when driving, as opposed to driving on auto-pilot!

4. Watch – When you are a passenger subtly watch your driver (please, dont make them nervous or even tell them!) when they drive. You should be able to pick up on things THEY should be looking for and doing. Are they using the mirror much? are they keeping within the speed limits?

5. Talk again – Why not talk to people about what you have learnt? Passing your skills onto another motorist will not only be of benefit to them, it will also help keep the skills you have learnt fresh in your mind!

Taking an advanced driving course is a great way to become a safer driver, but like with any other skill, you need to keep what you have learnt fresh in your mind.

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