Specialist Driving Courses

Specialist Advanced & Defensive Driving Courses For UK Motorists

We now offer a range of bespoke advanced and defensive driving courses, designed for the varying needs and requirements for the 45 million + licence holders in the UK. 

We had decided to offer a range of courses, which better reflect the needs and requirements of our customers. As opposed to just offering a standard “advanced driving course” we now have a range of courses, all with distinctive elements designed for vastly different drivers. The courses are bespoke to the needs of the driver. 

We have a course for all drivers, from those with little experience, to those with confidence issues, to those who want to get to grips with their high performance car. 

Our courses are delivered by DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency) registered Approved Driving Instructors, who have taken additional training to provide coaching and development for full licence holders.

Current Specialist Courses:

* Advanced & defensive courses
* Defensive courses for newly qualified drivers
* Confidence builder course
* Performance car intro
* Advanced & defensive courses for two drivers
* 4 x half-day advanced & defensive courses

You can read more about out specialist driving courses here

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