Refresher Course: 4 Defensive Driving Tips

Learning advanced driving tactics is a great way to improve your skill and safety on the road. Practice makes perfect – well almost, and you can never have too much practice with on-road vehicle handling. This experience pays off in real driving situations, and increases the chances of you remaining safe whilst driving.

Additionally, basic safety and security precautions that are always recommended can further improve your chance at a hazard-free driving experience! Things like regular maintenance, servicing and safety checks can all help keep your car in the best possible shape. Also knowing you have the right insurance in place provides peace of mind should the worst happen. Aviva car insurance is one of a number of insurers who offer a comprehensive cover plan.

In addition to advanced driving courses and proper vehicle servicing, sometimes the best way to guarantee safety while driving is to get back to the basics. Specifically, a refresher course in defensive driving can be beneficial, even for experienced drivers. Over time, we all develop our own driving styles, and sometimes it’s easy to forget some basic safety measures. With that in mind, here are four steps to keep in mind for proper defensive driving.

1. Stay Aware

Perhaps the most important safe driving tip in general is to stay aware of your surroundings. However, this doesn’t just mean keeping your eyes open and avoiding distractions. It also means literally observing the road around you for potential hazards, at all times. It’s easy to “zone out” while driving, but if you stay aware you can more effectively react to sudden changes in your surroundings, whether that means an animal darting across the road or an accident in the lane next to you.

2. Allow Space

As you stay aware, it is also extremely important to allow proper spacing around your vehicle at all times. No matter how well you pay attention, if you are too close to the cars in front of you, you won’t be able to react to things they might do in time. Maintaining a proper speed should help you to keep appropriate distance between cars in front of and behind you. It is also best to avoid driving alongside other vehicles for extended periods of time, if at all possible.

3. Watch for Reckless Drivers

You may be the most rule-abiding driver on the road, but there is always the chance that those around you are more reckless. This means that if you move off on a just turned green light without specifically paying attention, you could run into a reckless driver running a red light across the road. This scenario occurs quite commonly, which is why it’s best to always act as if yielding is proper. In addition to obeying road signs, always take an extra second to make sure others are doing the same.

4. Don’t Retaliate

Finally, never retaliate to another driver’s recklessness or road rage. Not only does this distract you from the road, but it may result in further road rage, which is a recipe for disaster. Other drivers can always make you angry, but it’s important to remember where you are and what you’re doing.

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