Recent Advanced Driving Testimonals

We offer advanced driving courses for both private and business customers. Currently around 90% of our customers are business clients, and 10% are private individuals.

Below are a few recent testimonials from our small, but growing private customer base:


“I took a full day advanced driving course following a serious road traffic accident. I was advised to take a course to help boost confidence. The session was great, I learned to overcome my anxiety that I faced with driving and feel not only more confident, but more confident (and skilful) than I did before my accident.”
Kate, Cumbria


“I have been driving for 38 years and although have a good driving record I wanted to take a few hours to have a spring clean of my driving. Chris who was my assigned tutor for the day, was great. He totally put me at my ease and provided a well rounded, useful session. We covered a wide range of roads including rural roads, which I feel are most of an issue with me. Forward planning, anticipation along with various advanced techniques were covered. A valuable day and well worth the money.”
Paul, Sussex

“Having taken delivery of a Mercedes S600 I wanted to ensure my driving was up to scratch. I booked a 7hr day session with Drivers Domain UK. It was money well spent. A few home truths about my driving were bought to my attention. Nothing serious but things I really had not thought too much about. I am now a more thoughtful and I hope, a more skilful driver since the training.”

Adam, London

“I cover around 30,000 miles a year for work. Although work do not provide such training it was something I was wanting to do. I booked a full day course split over 2 weekend days, 3.5hrs each. To start I was very nervous but Barry but me at ease and really helped me get it all together. I hate driving on motorways and covering 30,000 a year meant I would have to at times, use them. A lot of the training was on motorways and I felt this helped me no end. I now am happy to use these roads more and no longer use Sat Nav to divert all motorway elements to a journey!”

Sarah, Cheshire

“With my new business I have to drive a rather larger Peugeot Boxer van. Having never drove such a large vehicle I was keen to take additional training. It was all arranged at short notice, which was ideal as the van was sat on my drive. I met with Ian (tutor) at my home and the training started, and ended there. He taught me how to drive more defensively and how to factor in the size of my van. Although I must admit I was anxious to start, I quickly gained confidence and found the course great. This was 6 weeks ago, and can certainly say, without hesitation, that the training really helped boost my skills.”

Mary, Leicestershire

“I was bought my defensive driving course from my husband as a birthday gift. Whilst it was certainly different it was very much welcomed. I have been having a few incidents recently and felt I needed a bit of coaching. It was hard work at times, made me face issues with my driving I maybe was overlooking. But in the end I am now a better driver. Maybe I will get the same for my husband when it’s his birthday!!”

Sandra, Oxfordshire

“I booked a course for my son who was too aggressive, drove too fast and took too many risks – as you do when you are young. Being aged only 19 I was aware of the risks he faced. He had a full day course, taken on a Saturday. He did enjoy the session (so he tells me), but most important of all has made him think more, be less aggressive and slow down!”

Mark, Hampshire

“I’ve never had an accident, touch wood. However, I am aware I am getting older and so wanted to ensure my driving was up to the mark. I found the session most valuable, rewarding and not intimidating at all. The tutor was fair, respectful and provided some wonder advice, tips and help for me.”
Alf, Berkshire

“I was having too many near misses, and small prangs (2 in 12 months) so I needed to invest my time in an advanced driving course. I decided to use Drivers Domain UK as I had heard some good reviews. The course, although was not particularly cheap was excellent. I was able to practise my driving on a range of roads and the training was of an exceptional nature. My tutor, David – was highly experienced, and not only that, he was a really nice guy, which only helped make the training that much more enjoyable.”
Simon, Essex


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