Our YouTube Channel

Sometime in the near future we will be creating our own YouTube channel with a range of short videos, designed to provide some advanced driving tips we would like to share with you. A number of advanced driving training providers already have created some great video content online. We now feel the time is right to join them!

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We are planning to create a number of videos that will be around 1 Р4 minutes each.  All of them will be available for viewing on YouTube.

Below are a few videos we will be making:

1. Dealing with roundabouts
2. How to join a motorway
3. How to leave a motorway
4. How to overtake on a motorway
5. How to overtake on a single carriageway
6. Vehicle positioning on rural roads
7. Awareness and planning – urban
8. Awareness and planning – motorways
9. Awareness and planning – rural roads
10. The System of Car Control

We currently don’t have an exact date when the videos will be created – possibly could be last 2015 or early 2016. Once we have a better idea we will be updating you all.

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