Is Your Choice Of Car Going To Be The Death Of You?

Checking a car before leaving for work or any trip for that matter is always a must. This is taught to young people taking up driving lessons but should be practiced onwards whenever one plans to drive a car.

Car checks can prevent troubles while on the road and can definitely help save lives. There are several important areas to focus on to ensure that you have a smooth journey to and from your destination.


The fluids cover not only the oil but as well as the coolant and brake fluids. If you think you need an oil change, its best that you do that before your trip particularly when its a long distance one. This will ensure that your motor runs smoothly and problems are prevented.

Your gas level should not be forgotten. Check that you have enough to enable you to reach your destination.


The tires need to be checked for air pressure and wear. There should be a label on the side of the car that shows the maximum tire pressure. You need to stay within this limit as much as possible. Also, do check your spare tires pressure just in case you will need to use it during your trip.

To check for tyre wear, you can use a penny or tread gauge. This is an important step because during long trips, tyres can heat up and can blow out and you wouldnt want this to happen. Remember that the tyres need to have the right grip and should not show signs of damage.

Electrical Parts

The cars electrical connections need to be working well. These include the lights, signals and the horn. To check them, you will have to ask the assistance of another person to see that all lights are functioning. If some are not working, either the fuse or the bulb needs to be replaced.

Find out from this infographic below which cars are dangerous on the roads and additional safety tips you can use.

Is Your Choice Of Car Going To Be The Death Of You?
Source: CheapAutoInsurance.Org

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