Is Defensive Driving Advanced Driving?

We get a lot of visitors to our website searching for terms like:

“advanced driving course”
“advanced driving courses”
“advanced driver training”
“defensive driving course”
“defensive driver training”

In the mind of the visitor there may have be a difference in the two words. Some may not be familiar with “advanced” whilst others equally may not be familiar with “defensive” in terms of driver training.

However, they are pretty much the same thing. Advanced driving is all about driving in a defensive way, and defensive driving involves learning advanced driving techniques! Lets dig a little deeper behind the meanings:

Advanced Driving – Advanced driving initially came about in the 1950’s with the creation of what is now, the IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists). Advanced driving was something (and still is) associated with Police drivers.

It is often linked with driving fast. Whilst elements of Police training covers this, advanced driving for the public does not involve fast (above the speed limit) driving. Progressive driving when the conditions and speed limits permit yes, but anything more is for the track. 

Defensive Driving – Probably not quite as impressive sounding as “advanced driving” but defensive driving is basically the same as advanced driving in civilian terms. The name came about after the term “advanced driving” and tends to be more specifically used by companies when training their staff. 

In terms of training our advanced driving courses are indeed defensive. The flexibility of our training means we can adjust the course to your needs and requirements. So if you are looking for either an “advanced driving course” or “defensive driving course” you can be safe in the knowledge that we can help with both…

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