1 – Never drive tried
2 – Never drink drive
3 – Always concentrate at junctions
4 – Look out for motorbikes
5 – Don’t use your mobile when driving

Humans are not designed to drive. Although we have the intellect to create spacecraft that can fly to orbit, and understand the most complex inner workings of the human body, when it comes to something so tactical like driving we just don’t always get it.

The five road safety messages above we hear time and again in the media. But have you ever been interested in what they all mean from a psychological perspective? We think people may take more notice of road safety messages if they can actually understand how and why they exist in the first place.

Our Driver Psychology section aims to do exactly that.

This section aims to enlighten drivers about the psychology involved in driving.

This section looks at how are minds are hardwired, and how by understanding how the mind works, we can all become safer, more skilled drivers. Our defensive driving courses are designed to help drivers get a better understanding of the psychology of driving.