Dora (Drivers Online Risk Assessment)

We are pleased to announce the launch of Dora!

Dora (Drivers Online Risk Assessment) is an online risk assessment system designed to assess the risk of a driver, by asking a series of questions related to their attitudes, knowledge and driving history.

Each driver taking the assessment will be graded a risk, either Low, Medium or High, and placed on a spectrum, scoring them from 0 to 6000 points, enabling you to see exactly where they sit in terms of risk, side-by-side with all drivers in your fleet.

How She Works?

As a decision maker within your organisation, you are able to quickly, and efficiently assess the drivers in your organisation, whether it’s just one, or several thousand. For free.

You are able to set up a company account online, and then select the number of employees you wish to take the assessment. For example, if you want 200 employees to take the assessment, you simply request 200 assessment credits, from your online dashboard. These credits are then assigned to you, in the form of a unique usernames and passwords. You are then free to distribute these to your employees.

Dora is a highly user friendly platform. Below are the following steps to get started.

  • Register as a new Business
  • Decide how many user logins you need
  • Your account will be created with the set number of logins
  • Distribute the individual login details (user and password) to employees
  • The employees will login to take the assessment
  • You login and see who has taken the assessment
  • You can view their results and download their risk assessment document
  • At the moment – Dora is totally free

Visit to get started!

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