Driver Training FAQs

We know you probably have lots of questions about our advanced driving courses – so we have tried our best to cover them all here – If we don’t answer your specific questions please email or call us. These FAQs are for both private and business customers.

Q – Do you cover my location?
A – We cover 97% of the UK. The only areas we struggle with is Ireland, far North Scotland.

Q – Do I use my own car?
A – Yes – although we can provide a car if required.

Q – What level of experience do I need?
A – You need a full driving licence and thats it. All our courses are designed for drivers of all levels.

Q – Does the course involve skid pan training
A – No – it is all on road, although we do cover the theory of skid control.

Q – How will I be expected to drive on the day?
A – Just your normal style – we need to know what your like as a driver before we can start coaching.

Q – Is the course like a driving lesson?
A – Certainly not, it’s a coaching session to improve on the current driving standard you display

Q – Do I get an insurance discount?
A – You will need to check with your insurance provider, some do, some don’t.

Q – How long is the course?
A – 7 hours for the full day, and 3.5 hours for the half day.

Q – If I select the full day course, can one driver go in morning and one in afternoon?
A – Yes of course, it doesn’t cost any more either…

Q – Can two drivers do the course?
A – Yes, either together or one in the morning and one in the afternoon, for no extra cost

Q – Can training be done on Saturdays?
A – Yes

Q – Where does training start?
A – From your home or office, or a mutual location.

Q – Will the tutor check my car?
A – They will check your car or van to ensure lights and tyres etc are legal, so make sure your car is prepared

Q – Will they test my eyesight?
A – Yes, we will ask you to read a numberplate from around 20m. Ensure you are wearing glasses if you need them for driving. If you can’t read the course cant take place sadly

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