Facing a Driving Ban? Or About to Get Your Licence Back? If So We Can Help You..

Providing over 3,000 UK Advanced Driving Courses since 2003

We have a course designed for people who have been banned from driving – and have got their licence back, or are facing a possible driving ban, and want to demonstrate their willingness to improve their driving.

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We have designed this course, especially for drivers who have been banned and when making a return to the roads, want professional tuition to really kick start their driving off again, on a positive note. 

We also cater for people who are facing a possible driving ban, and want to prove to the courts they have taken a positive step to improve their driving. We often find customers approach us after their legal advice have suggested they complete an advanced driving course.

Screen-Shot-2014-09-26-at-00.07.33What happens on the day, and what does our advanced driving course cover?

First of all they are designed to be enjoyable yet informative, our courses are based on helping and coaching a driver, not lecturing them about road safety, and certainly not to give you a hard time about your conviction or potential conviction. We understand even the best drivers make mistakes at times. 

The courses are individually built around your own needs and experiences, to ensure you get the very most from the day.

Full Day or Half?

With our full day course you really can iron out many years of bad driving habits and is more popular for people facing a driving ban. The full day course is also ideal for those who have not driven a car on the road for over 6 months. A half day is ideal if cost is more of a factor to you, or if you just wish to have a refresh of your driving. 

What We Teach:

We specifically look at improving confidence and attitude, increasing awareness and concentration. We also help develop an improved level of car control. We spend time also looking at driving psychology, why accidents happen and how to deal with things like road rage and fatigue. Although we cover some serious topics on the day, the course is delivered in a fun and enjoyable way – This is NOT like a driving lesson! We are happy to discuss your specific driving issue in an understanding, non judgemental way, and look at what can be done in the future to ensure you never face the same problems again!

Where We Teach:

Our training takes place on a range of roads where you live, including motorways, dual carriageways, rural roads, and urban environments, depending on your exact location.

All training takes place in the customers own car, and training can start from your home, or a mutually convenient location. We have tutors in 95% of UK locations.


Our Tutors:

All our tutors, hand picked for their people skills and passion for driving are DVLA approved, professional advanced driving instructors, a number are ex-Police drivers (but don’t let that bother you – they are “ex” remember!).

They are also skilled in dealing with drivers of all levels and abilities. 

I’m Interested – What do I do next?

  • Drop us an email or call us on 0333 567 0264 should you wish to talk to us about your course – you may have some additional questions not covered above or use the contact form on the upper right of the screen. 

Each customer will receive a full driving report. If you are facing a driving ban this will be an essential document that proves you have taken the initiative to improve your own driving, at your own time and cost. 

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