Our Half & Full Day Advanced Driving Courses Are Ideal For Businesses That:


    • Want to initiate an advanced driving course for some or all of their company car or van drivers
    • Have a certain driver who is having one too many incidents when driving a company car or van
    • Have seen a spike in company vehicle road traffic collisions, and want to take action, and to demonstrate their Duty of Care as an employer

Our on-road advanced driving courses for company car and van drivers are conducted by our team of dedicated, friendly advanced driving instructors. We have around 230 tutors located around the UK.

All of our tutors are currently registered with the DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency).

Our tutors have a genuine passion for teaching the very best advanced driving techniques, for drivers of all abilities and cover around 97% of the UK.

brake borderDrivers Domain UK are corporate sponsors of the UK’s leading road safety charity – Brake, and actively support their drive towards improving road safety, in the UK.

We actively promote their highly regarded online Road Safety Factsheet, designed to help further educate the public on staying safe – more info

Course Format & Cost:

2:1 Format – Where one of our tutors train two drivers over a 7 hour day.One driver for 3.5 hours in morning, and the other driver for 3.5 hours in afternoon.2:1 Cost: £310 + vat (£155 a driver)

10 drivers for example would cost £1,550 + vat.

Should you require 1:1 training we can also arrange this. This is ideal for a driver who is having specific issues that require more coaching.

Looking to Train 10 + Drivers? Then Request Our Course Guide & Brochure:

If you are in the early stages of researching advanced driving course providers for your company we would be pleased to send you on of our free course brochures, which outlines what is taught and how a typical day runs, and also a post-course report example. To request your brochure please complete your details below. 

Alternatively download just our course guide here (opens a new page) 

  • Training can start from any UK location for no extra charge
  • Multiple locations arranged on different days – which best fit your drivers busy diaries. 
  • Training for drivers of all abilities.

Our advanced driving courses are designed to help make your employees safer, more skilled drivers. Below is a range of elements we look at when training drivers:

Psychological Elements of Driving:

  • The development of mental skills for better driving, and understanding the
    factors which affect your processing skills when driving.
  • How physiological factors affect driving, especially focusing on alertness and tiredness (when many accidents happen!).
  • How to understand what causes road rage and how to defuse it.
  • How external stress can affect your driving and driving conduct.

Observational Elements of Driving:

  • How to observe and anticipate effectively and decide what to do in all driving situations.
  • How to scan your driving environment and understand how speed affects
  • Understanding zones of visibility and the importance of keeping a safe distance.
  • Night driving and the hazards which a driver is presented with.
  • How to make observational links between what is seen on the road and required driver response.

All Weather Driving:

  • How to deal with driving in all types of bad weather and when visibility is low.
  • How to deal with and become aware of micro climates (essential on rural roads!).

Vehicle Control:

  • Introduction to the system of car control.
  • How to make the system of car control work for you, including the importance of taking, using and giving information.
  • Acceleration, using gears, clutch, braking and steering – how to develop your skill at using all these to increase safety and reduce wear on the vehicle.
  • How to maintain vehicle stability and to understand and avoid skids.
  • Recognise the cause of skids and how driver aids such as ESP and ABS help you.
  • Understand how a range of signals can help you on the road, including indicators, hazard warning lights, brake lights, horn, arm and courtesy signals.

Vehicle and Road Positioning:

  • How to position yourself in relation to approaching hazards, and for optimal
  • How to corner safely, and introduce the concept of the limit point.
  • How to overtake safely, and knowing when it is safe and not safe to overtake.
  • How to deal with special hazards including poor road surface, vehicles in front and behind and how to overtake on bends.

Different Road Types:

  • Motorways – Understand the laws relating to motorways, and what you need to do as a driver to remain safe on these roads.
  • Rural roads – How to quickly adapt your driving for these roads, which are known to be the most dangerous types of road.
  • Town driving – How to understand the hazards and unique features of driving in built up areas.
  • Eco safe driving – How to drive in a way which can save up to 20% off your fuel bill.

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Download our free course brochure VIEW (Opens a new page)

Please contact us and we will be able to provide an advanced driving course quote based on the number of drivers you wish to train. Please feel free to email rob@driversdomainuk.com should you have any specific questions. Should you like to chat with someone right away, please use the black “Chat with us” icon on the lower right of the screen.

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