Advanced Driving Course Cost

We tend to get many enquiries asking about our advanced driving course costs. Unlike other advanced driving course providers, we have two simple pricing packages, designed to be simple and cost effective for you:

2:1 Format – (£270 + vat = £135 a driver) This is where two drivers will go out with one tutor. This tends to be the most popular training format, as the employee spends less time away from his or her duties (if they opt for the one in the morning and one in the afternoon format). However, most opt for the two drivers spending the day together and take it in turns to drive.

Not only is this much cheaper, it also makes for a fun learning experience, as apart from learning when you are driving, you also learn when you take the back seat. The 2:1 format can also be ideal for drivers who may feel too pressurised in a 1:1 format, and may prefer the idea of doing the course will a friend or colleague.

1:1 Format (£250 + vat each) This works out more expensive per head than the 2:1 course for obvious reasons.This tends to be popular when there is only one driver who needs to do the training, or if they require specialist attention.

On rare occasions we can do a 3:1 format. However, this is not ideal. From our experience a driver needs more than 3 hours behind the wheel to benefit as much as possible from the training.

We pay our tutors by the day, so our advanced driving course costs vary greatly depending on the numbers.

If you wish to enquire about our driving courses please contact us

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