Advanced Driver Training – So far….


P1000043Where does the time go? We are already in August and it does not seem that long ago since we were settling back into things following Christmas! For us it has been a busy year so far. 

We have been working with some new clients including departments within the NHS and also various Government departments, along with a range of small, medium and large businesses around the UK.

We now have well over 200 tutors around the UK, a number which was party achieved by some excellent coverage in MSA (Motor Schools Association) magazine in April, which specifically had a request for fleet qualified ADIs to join us.

Keeping up with the digital era, we now have a mobile optimised website homepage, which has been decluttered somewhat, and is much easier to use on a mobile – to see the homepage please click here and see.

Please stay tuned – we hopefully will have more exciting news from the world of advanced driver training soon. 🙂

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