Hi I’m Dora

Dora (Driver Online Risk Assessment) is an online risk assessment system designed to assess the risk of a driver, by asking a series of questions related to their attitudes, knowledge and driving history.

Each driver taking the assessment will be graded a risk, either Low, Medium or High, and placed on a spectrum, scoring them from 0 to 6000 points, enabling you to see exactly where they sit in terms of risk, side-by-side with all drivers in your fleet. 

How DORA Works?

As a decision maker within your organisation, you are able to quickly, and efficiently assess the drivers in your organisation, whether it’s just one, or several thousand.

You will receive 3 free credits when you sign up. These 3 credits means you can allow 3 employees to take the assessment. One credit equals one employee assessment. Once these have been used you can buy packages of credits, which are added to your account. With Dora you can drill down to employee results and discover more about their driving.

When an employee logs on and takes their assessment, the username they have been assigned by yourself, will be automatically replaced with their full name.

Once they have taken the assessment, you will be able to go to your online dashboard, and view the results of their assessment, see their road risk, and where they sit on the Dora risk spectrum.

You will be able to drill down to see their answers to each question, and also download their certificate as a .PDF – see screenshot below.

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An assessment will take a driver around 15 to 20 minutes to complete. 

With Dora you are also able to drill down in detail for each driver and see the key factors why they are Low, Medium or High risk. You are also able to A-Z drivers in your fleet (see below) to see the highest risk, highest mileage and so on using the reporting function on the control panel.

A-Z Reports






View Each Question Response, For Each Driver, And The Risk Level

When you drill down in further detail you are able to see the risk responses for each driver too, and also see their actual response for every question, and whether that is a low or high risk response. 

Drilling Down By Driver